We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

A beautiful Rural cemetery with new ownership interested in celebrating historic Oak Hill's nearly 180 years serving a diverse population.

Jennifer Grotpeter October 16, 2016

Chapel Hill Mortuary - Kirkwood

Love the entire staff. Thanks for all you did for my family with the death of my dad.

Brenda Dautenhahn Phye May 18, 2015

I'm pretty satisfied with Chapel Hill Mortuary, they keep the grounds looking good and I'm happy to be so close to my husband. It's taken me awhile to come over to visit my husband's grave but now that I'm here I'm in total peace and serenity. Thank you Chapel Hill for all you have done!

Michele Vierling October 09, 2015

The staff and facility at Chapel Hill were very nice. They did a wonderful job for my family at the worst time of our lives. My Mother looked beautiful and natural. The whole experience was a very good one. Stephanie has been great to work with and very good at her job, she made this process go smoothly! Thank you Chapel Hill Mortuary!

John Shockley October 07, 2015

The entire staff at Chapel Hill was the most caring and helpful people we have ever met. Dawn and Jesse were so very helpful in our time of sorrow and grief. We will always be thankful for their time and compasion. The Houser Family.

Janie Houser September 10, 2016

Chapel Hill Mortuary - Cedar Hill

In 2003 my husband, Dennis, and I would be driving west on Interstate 44 and as we came to the Big Bend exit we could see the mausoleum being built at Oak Hill Cemetery. On October 31, 2004 we went inside to take a tour. As we drove by numerous times throughout the years, Dennis would always say, "Kay, there is your place." Dennis passed away on April 13, 2013 and I immediately knew Oak Hill Cemetery is where he would be buried. Brian Harter and the staff at Chapel Hill Mortuary were wonderful working out all of the arrangements. I visit quite often and the entire staff is part of my family. Also, it means a lot to me that they have special events during the year for us to remember those who are no longer with us. I can still remember the first time I saw the Christmas tree in the Chapel. The last three years have been a big adjustment in my life and I am at peace when I visit the beautiful Chapel Hill Mausoleum. The Chapel Hill Mausoleum looks like the Parthenon in Athens, Greece which I have visited 7 times.

Kathleen May 03, 2016

Chapel Hill Mortuary - Kirkwood

My mother and grandparents are buried here! Quiet and peaceful! I would recommend having your loved one buried here!

Laurie P. February 18, 2016

They did the most beautiful service for my dad. And was wonderful with our family . I'm very pleased with them and their services and kindness. R.I.P. Ezra L.West.

Brenda Watson April 11, 2016

Chapel Hill has been a wonderful helpful place for my family when it comes time to burry our loved ones, the last time was my very own father and the staff there went above and beyond to make everything just right, even wrote me a letter afterwards to see how I was doing, it did take quite a while to get the gravesight set right but they prepared us for that and I love it all!

Elizabeth Barnett March 31, 2015

Dawn was the most compassionate person during our hard time of my great niece passing away after only being here with us for a few short hours until God called his angel back home with him

Phyllis Ann May 25, 2016

Stephanie and Dawn were absolutely the best thankyou so very much for being there as our family struggled! I can't say enough about how much they went out thier way and really were so compassionate about how we felt and made sure everything was perfect even the phone communications were caring and understanding couldn't have asked for anything else perfect Thank you!

Dorie Hootselle August 11, 2016

Chapel Hill was patient and kind in listening to our concerns while understanding our fears when my family was grieving the loss of my brother, Travis, and my nephew, Korrie. Their staff provided a safe place where we felt supported during a very difficult time. Our funeral director, Dawn Bryson, was loving and thoughtful in making important recommendations which allowed us to plan a ceremony at Chapel Hill that honored the lives of Travis and Korrie and shared the reality of their passing with our family and friends the in the community.

Tisha Glacken January 17, 2016